How to Cure Angular Cheilitis!

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Published: 20th December 2010
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If you suffer from angular cheilitis you will know the painful often time embarrassing effects of this infection. But don't become dismayed as it is a condition which can be cured within a matter of days if treated properly and there are many angular cheilitis remedies you can use. Angular cheilitis is a fungal or bacterial infection on the sides of the mouth. The bacteria or fungus thrives when there is an over abundance of saliva in the nooks of the mouth. This causes inflammation, cracks and ulcerations to form which then results in crusts developing on the mouth. The initial causes of the infection can be caused by either deep creases in the mouth which become a breeding ground for the bacteria or due to improperly fitted dentures. When the dentures do not fit properly then the mouth does not close resulting in saliva escaping from the mouth and resting in the nooks of the mouth. This is a condition that can clear up almost over -night with effective treatment but if the initial cause is not resolved then flare-ups can occur. In this article we will investigate some of the cures for angular cheilitis. Prevention is better than cure.

Angular cheilitis can be prevented, with the proper precautions but if this is not possible, then you can try one of the many cures for angular cheilitis. One of the reasons for angular cheilitis is when one has dentures that do not fit properly, resulting in the mouth not closing tightly enough and the saliva forming at the cracks of the mouth. Also using an antibacterial mouth wash on a regular basis is an effective preventative measure.

Cures for angular cheilitis:

Many remedies can be found at your local chemist or even online. Ranging from herbal to medicinal; products have different effects on different people. As some people may find that what the doctor has prescribed has not worked yet a simple home remedy has.

Orthodox methods:

Doctors and dermatologists will prescribe either a topical steroid cream or an anti fungal topical cream, which when applied twice daily should clear up the infection within a matter of days. If the condition persists or is a severe form then an oral version of these drugs will be prescribed.

Natural remedies:

One way of clearing angular cheilitis is to let the mouth area dry naturally without licking or wetting it, as the fungus or bacteria needs the moisture to grow and thrive. When the area is left to dry out this kills the fungus, and the condition abates. Also if this does not work, then try to dab Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) onto the sores. Another cure for it is to mix Vaseline with the very powerful anti-bacterial tea tree oil.

A remedy for disinfecting your dentures would be to leave your dentures in a water and household bleach solution in 10 to 1 parts. However even after disinfecting you still need to clear the infection of the mouth.

It is quite common for the angular cheilitis to be caused by a vitamin B deficiency and if so, a treatment of vitamin B complex will cure the infection.

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