The Technology Nowadays Make Living So Much Simpler!

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Published: 07th January 2011
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We are now living in a modern society that's great for the lazy person. We've got access to cell-phones, washing machines, electric toothbrushes and in many cases automated gates and garage doors. Our cars are so advanced that they pretty much drive themselves and even the devices in our kitchen can prepare a scrumptious supper with minimal input from our side.

I recall when cell-phones were announced the very first time. I have to confess that I was still quite young and foolish at that stage and did not quite understand what the fuss was about. Buddies of mine had a cord-less phone and I was under the impression that this cool telephone was in real fact the same as a cell-phone. I still remember one of the headlines in a newspaper where they were advertising the arrival of the cell-phone: You'll be able to phone from your shopping trolley in the grocery store! At that stage it was quite a novelty, however these days even the beggar on the street corner has access to a cell-phone and also to the frustrating "please call me" function that goes with it.

As frustrating and bothersome as cell-phones may be, they also play a major safety role in our lives. Visualize being stuck without petroleum next to the road - you don't need to stress, just grab your cell-phone and help will be on its way. For those who have young children it is also a good way to quickly get hold of them. just to make sure if they are still okay and if they're actually behaving.

A number of other "nice to have" items might also contribute to not only our overall ease, but in addition to our safety! If we have automated gates or garage doors we do not have to climb out of our vehicles when we arrive home in the evening - we just press the key on our remote control, wait for the gate and garage door to open, drive in, push the button and there you are! Safe and secure. On a rainy day this is certainly even more pleasant, as we do not end up soaking wet while attempting to unlock our gates!

Infrared cameras and motion sensors are also valuable safety products. With the sophisticated technology available nowadays you are able to see burglars in your driveways or gardens even when it's pitch black outside! These sensors usually are connected to a security system which can also be linked to an armed response company who can quickly react in the event of this kind of emergency.The one negative thing with regards to the cell-phones, automated gates and automated garage doors is that they work on some form of battery power. It is therefore very important to ensure that your batteries are always adequately charged and you have a plan B for when the battery runs out. This can be by means of a battery charger or even a second battery pack.

I think it is clear to see that the world of technology has delivered a number of very helpful things that adds convenience, ease and most important of all, safety to our lives!

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