What Is The Difference Between A Medical Aid And Hospital Plan?

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Published: 15th December 2010
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Until recently, the only medical plans you could get were highly priced medical aids or whatever cash you could muster at the time. Some intelligent company saw this and decided to design something halfway between the two. It needed to be affordable, yet comprehensive. It also needed to cater for the emergencies of the healthy. As so came about the hospital plan. It did what the medical aid schemes of the time did not.

The Clientele hospital plan differs from a medical aid in a number of ways.

Out of hospital benefits: This is one of the key selling points of a medical aid. They also have many different options based on how much cover you can afford. There is the savings plan where all out of hospital expenses bar specialists come out of a savings fund. Then there is the yearly limit scheme, where all out of hospital expenses are limited to a certain amount each year. The Clientele hospital plan, or any other for that matter do not provide for any such expenses bar one or two vital specialists, the rest is your own problem.

In hospital benefits: Both kinds of health care options offer similar ranges of in hospital benefits. Both a medical aid and the Clientele hospital plan will cover you for most procedures and specialist services. There are generally some limits on how much you are covered for and what you will have to pay for out of your own pocket. This is very similar to the concept of the excess payment on an insurance policy. The major difference is that a hospital plan will pay out a certain amount each day that you are in hospital. This can be used at your discretion. You can use it to help support your family while you are incapacitated or you can use it to pay for the hospital bills that you will still owe.

What you will receive form a hospital plan payout depends on what options you selected when you took out the policy. They can be adapted to fit your pocket and individual needs. It is also possible to opt for a larger payout each day if you are put into intensive care instead of regular wards. Again, this money can be used to pay for whatever you need to pay for and takes the place of your salary while you are in hospital.

If you have children, it is preferable to belong to a medical aid. Your whole family can be covered by a single policy and it will mean you are covered for unforeseen injuries and illnesses in your children. However, a hospital plan might be a better option for a single person who is in good health and does not often need to visit the doctor.

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